Newsletter 2022 Issue 1
Welcome to our 2022-1 newsletter (link to previous issues).  We are delighted you decided to read it and welcome your feedback on how we can improve it.
Believe in Belize is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping with the development of Belize.  In particular, our goal is to:
  1. Become a premier internet destination for anyone seeking information about Belize.
  2. Implement projects and services to help people in Belize.
    2021 Projects & Services
    As might be expected, given the havoc caused by the COVID19 pandemic we received a lot of requests for help.  With the support of our generous donors, we were able to assist a number of communities with food, educational and animal support welfare needs.  The list below provides a synopsis of what we accomplished.
    We launched our Consolidated Container Shipping Service with the first shipment completed in the Fall of 2021 (US$6,500).  The container provided hundreds of items worth thousands of dollars donated by different organizations and individuals in the US.  To learn more please click on this link
    Corozal Feeding Project.  Phase 2 of this project provided 96 villagers (single parents, elderly, special needs and unemployed individuals) with a two-week supply of food ingredients at a cost of ~US$1,100. To learn more please click on this link COVID-19 Village Feeding Project for Corozal District.
    We provided the school of Golden Stream Village a Brush Cutter to help manage the constant vegetation growth around the school (US$776). To learn more please click on this link
    COVID-19 Feeding Project for Belize City. We were able to raise US $1,040 and distributed 80 bags.  To learn more please click on this link
    San Roman Village had identified 75 children who did not have access to computers and/or the internet when not in school.  As of April 2021, with generous funding through the Gabrial Family Fund, we provided the community center with the equipment to remedy this problem.  To learn more please click on this link
    Delivered two Firetrucks to the Placencia Peninsula.  The cost of ~US$25k was covered through the generosity of David Kafka, our Health Program Manager volunteer  (profile), a real estate broker ( and a volunteer firefighter in Placencia.  To learn more please click on this link
    We raised US$4,832 for the Corozal Animal Program and plan to continue raising money for them in 2022.  To learn more please click on this link Corozal Animal Program.
    Coming in 2022
    For 2022 we plan to continue on our tradition of providing low cost/high impact projects and services.  Below are what we have planned so far.  We invite you to click on the related links and learn about them.
    This project was planned for 2021 but postponed due to COVID19.  However, the Kindles were shipped in 2021 and we await the opening of schools.
    We have a container shipping in January/February and hope to be able to fund a second shipment in the Fall.
    Our goal is to provide 100 computer systems to schools and/or community centers.
    This effort is being spearheaded by our Education Advisor volunteer, Dr. Gwen Gonzalez (profile).
    Our goal is to provide some basic and consistent standard of care throughout the villages.
    2021 Financials
    Total donations for 2021 were US$34,017.26 whereas total expenses were US$21,302.66 of which only US$294 was for Operations (less than 1% of donations received), and the rest for Programs.  Please see this link for details
    The difference between our donations and expenses is mainly due to the fact that we receive donations for endowment funds which cannot be used completely in the year donated.  To learn more about our endowment funds please see this link
    How can you help?
    • To grow, we need visibility.  We need the following:
      1. Sign up for this newsletter if you have not already done so and share it with people you know and encourage them to do the same.
      2. Visit our Facebook page and choose to “Follow Us”.  When we post, "Like" or "Share" them as applicable.
      3. Visit our homepage and communicate with us through different means that we provide on different pages.
    • To fund our projects and services we need donors.
    • To help us cover our operational expenses we need website sponsors.
    • To implement our projects and services we need many volunteers, worldwide.  Experience is not the most critical factor since we will train you as applicable.  Your willingness to help is the most essential qualification we are looking for.  Please join us!
    As always, thank you in advance for your support!
    Nabil Bedewi (profile)
    Managing Director
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