Operations sponsorship on our website pays for our operational expenses
Our website's reach is worldwide.  The following is a sample of our website's traffic statistics:
1) 75% USA, 17% Belize, 4% Canada, about 2% combined visitors from Italy, Germany, Australia, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Mexico, China, and about 2% from the rest of the world.
2) An average of over 3,000 page views per month (over 100 per day).
We are hoping a number of organizations or individuals will choose to be operation sponsors. 
The sponsors are recognized by having their name or image on our homepage and many of our other webpages (mainly excluding Pillar and Causes pages since they have their own supporters' recognition) with a clickable link back to the sponsor's website homepage.  We can provide any sponsor "total clicks count" from the first date of sponsorship.
The ANNUAL sponsorship rate is US $500 ($50 if paying monthly for $600/year) which is setup as a recurring payment through a Credit Card / PayPal below (and can be canceled anytime).  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide an email address with your payment or contact us after you submit your payment so that we follow-up and obtain your image/text and work out any issues if necessary.
Believe in Belize reserves the right to decline any sponsorship due to lack of payment, government regulation, and inappropriate content as determined at the sole discretion of the Board of Believe in Belize.
To see our current list of sponsors, please see this link.
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