As an all volunteer organization we could use all the help we could get.  If you are interested in any of the positions below please contact us at  The level of experience is not as critical as your willingness to learn and actively participate.  Multiple volunteers per position would be ideal.  Feel free to suggest another position you would like to create and volunteer for.  Almost all of our positions can be performed from where you live.  However, each volunteer needs to make sure they satisfy the work permit requirements in their local jurisdiction (as applicable).
The work we do at Believe in Belize is broken down by 1) programs, 2) initiatives within programs, and 3) projects & services within initiatives.  Please see this link for additional details
Position Descriptions
Program Managers:  Our Programs (Education, Health, etc.) set the strategic direction of Believe in Belize.  They are broken into Initiatives which in turn are implemented through Projects and Services.  Program managers are responsible for managing all aspects of their selected program.  They need to be proficient at managing multiple tasks and volunteers, able to support the marketing and fund raising of their program, and effectively communicate with all our stakeholders.
Initiative Managers:  Our initiative managers report to their respective program managers.  Their responsibility is the same as that of program managers but limited to their own initiative.
Project Managers:  Our project managers report to their respective initiative manager.  They are responsible for all aspects of a project, namely, from idea evaluation to planning and execution.  They need to 1) be able to define tasks and manage volunteers working on them.  2) Manage to their project’s budget. 3) Communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
Service Managers:  Unlike projects that have a finite time, our services, such as Business Directory, are indefinite.  A service manager is responsible for ensuring the assigned service is operating as planned.  Responsibilities include 1) Keeping the service’s content current 2) Advertising and growing the service 3) Identifying ways of improving the service.
Marketing / Digital Media Specialists:  For Believe in Belize to grow, our message and activities need to be constantly communicated through different media (websites, social media – Facebook, Twitter, and others, in person interactions, etc.).  We are looking for many individuals willing to apply their specific skills in this area and supporting the manager positions above.
Fundraising Specialists:  Believe in Belize programs are totally funded by donors.  We therefore need many people with expertise in “power of persuasion”.  Specifically, grant writing and utilizing social media funding platforms.  These individuals will work closely with the Marketing / Digital Media Specialists and manager positions above.
Content Editors: We need people that love to write or edit others’ written work.  It entails content on our website, social media, grants, etc.  Editors need to be able to work with all our volunteers.
Information Technology (IT) Specialists: As our organization name implies we are focused on Belize, however, our reach is worldwide.  We need IT specialists to maintain our infrastructure: Clubrunner website, plugins, Google for Nonprofits platform, Social Media platforms – Facebook etc., and future capabilities as we grow.
Advertising Specialists: Believe in Belize is an all volunteer organization.  No one is compensated for their time.  However, we do incur costs to operate, mainly as they relate to operating our infrastructure (website hosting license, email services, virus protection, etc.) and processing (e.g. donor credit card fees).  Website advertising goes towards covering our operating costs.  We need specialist that can sell our advertising space to companies worldwide (mostly in USA, Belize, and Canada).
Subject Matter Experts: If you have subject related expertise (e.g. educator, health provider, etc.) you think is applicable to what we do; namely, our programs, initiatives, projects and services please let us know.
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