Dr. Gwen Nunez Gonzalez
Education Advisor
September 2019 - Present
Dr. Gwen Nuñez Gonzalez was born in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District, Belize. Her calling is “Service to others”, which has allowed her to coordinate many cultural, educational, and community improvement activities in her communities and abroad. Her passion for education was ignited from early childhood and she continues to serve others in the field of education.  She believes that relevant education will get one out of poverty, hence her one-woman initiatives to provides school materials, uniform, and pay tuition for the less fortunate students over the years. She has been passing on the blessings.
Dr. Nuñez-Gonzalez received her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Higher Education from Nova Southeastern University with a dissertation focus on Intercultural Bilingual Education. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership were obtained from University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida. She has a certificate in School Leadership and Management from the Belize Teachers’ Training College.
In November 2018 her first set of publications to teach Garifuna Language were released. These include: a) Iáwaü, a Garifuna card game similar to the Spanish Chalupa and b) Lérerun Bungiu Volume I, a Garifuna puzzle book with word meaning in English.  Then in 2019 Volume II of Lérerun Bungiu and a number game called NUMERU were created.
Dr. Nuñez-Gonzalez is employed at the Ministry of Education in Belize as an Education Officer stationed at the Cayo District Education Center Belmopan Substation. Her Teaching career began in September 1995 with the Catholic Public School Management and has worked with the Ministry of Education since March 2001. As an educator she has served as school principal, teacher, Teachers License Officer, Asst. Education Officer, and Acting Center Manager. Her voluntary works are numerous and presently, she is the President of the National Garifuna Council Belmopan Branch and Moderator of the Youth Arm for  Garifuna Tidan Ligilisi Katolika (Garifuna in the Catholic Church).
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