In an effort to assist with the restoration and ignite interest in reviving the Garifuna Language in Belize, Dr. Gonzalez (profile) created an organization called “Furendei Garifuna” (Learn Garifuna), which focuses on teaching the Garifuna Language in many creative ways including online classes and Publications under “GNG Publications”. The publications have been self-funded for the most part, which has been a financial challenge. These include: a Garifuna Puzzle Book entitled “ Lérerun Garifuna Volume 1” (Garifuna Language Volume I). This book is a puzzle and mini dictionary in one because the user will find the words in the puzzle and also know the English meaning of the Garifuna words. Another publication is the “Iáwaü” (Picture), which is a card game that allows the learner to identify pictures and their names in Garifuna. These first mentioned publications were released in November 2019. Presently, Lérerun Garifuna volume II is completed, and another Card game created is called “Numeru” (Numbers) to learn numbers in Garifuna. Volume III is almost complete plus other games to teach Garifuna.
The next step in the restoration effort is to create short, animated stories to teach the Garifuna Language, the Garifuna history in motion, and short stories that will teach values with Garifuna speaking characters. This will need a special gaming laptop priced at around US $2000.
We ask for your financial support to help us purchase the laptop and fund future publications.
As a US based 501c3 charitable organization, Believe in Belize collects donations to support the Furendei Garifuna organization (tax deductible based on current US laws).  We do not charge any fees, so 100% of what is donated (minus 3rd party charges, e.g., credit card processing fees) goes towards Furendei Garifuna.  For additional information please contact us at
Thank you in advance for your support.
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