• Supporters of this strategic donation option make donations (hopefully recurring) to support the financial needs of Believe in Belize for the long term (donations are tax deductible based on applicable US tax laws).

  • Donations are invested in 3rd party mutual funds and ETFs as offered by our bank/brokerage company Wells Fargo (https://www.wellsfargo.com/). 

  • Since endowment funds are intended to be perpetual, a maximum of 5% of a Fund's previous year balance will be used annually related to the fund's purpose.

  • 100% of each donation goes to the selected fund after 3rd party processing expenses (e.g. credit card processing fees).

  • Each withdrawal will be listed on the fund's page so that donors know the impact of the donations.

Any individual or organization donating US $1,000+ will be recognized by posting their name (but not amount) on the Major Donor page with a link to their website (optional)
Named Endowment Funds
These funds are for donors who are passionate about a cause and want to setup their own endowment fund.  For example, it could be as general as Education or as specific as Scholarships for a specific school.
Features of these Funds
  •  The donor names the fund.  Examples:
    • [Family Name] Charitable Fund
    • [Person Name(s)] Memorial Fund
    • [Organization Name] … Fund
    • Above options with specific cause - e.g. Scholarship Fund, Cancer Fund, etc.
  • Each Fund gets a dedicated public page on our website whereby the donor describes why they support this cause and/or who is memorialized, etc.
Donations and Fees
  • Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the donor's taxing jurisdiction.
  • The minimum donation to start a Named Fund is US $5,000.  This could be a one time donation (especially if a donor needs to maximize the tax deductibility of the donation in one year) or generally equal payments over 5 years.
  • The donor can invite others to donate to meet the initial donation amount or anytime in the future.  The dedicated fund's webpage will have links to donation options and social media.
  • Upon the initial creation of a named fund, the donor can specify the percentage of donations (maximum 50%) that could be used in the year donations were made to meet urgent needs within a fund's purpose. 
  • No administrative fees.
  • If the donor is over 70 and has an IRA, this link might be of interest https://believeinbelize.org/sitepage/donation-options/70ira.
After the fund is created, only the Believe in Belize board can make any modifications (e.g. meet changing laws, replace investment options that are no longer applicable).
Starting your Fund
Please contact us at Board@believeinbelize.org to ask any questions and/or request to start your Named Endowment Fund.  We will work with you on the details then setup the dedicated webpage.
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