Consolidated Container Shipping service
Have you ever wanted to donate things (school supplies, computers, medical equipment, sports clothing, etc.) to your favorite Belizean non-profit (e.g. school, rotary club, village, etc.) but were overwhelmed by the shipping logistics and costs, handling customs, and delivering your donation?  This service addresses those issues.
Believe in Belize has partnered again with MESA / RCI (a Rotary District 6600 nonprofit / education project).  This time, Believe in Belize will fund the cost of shipping a 40 ft. container to Belize during September 2021 (assuming COVID19 does not continue to derail plans).  RCI will use it for their resource center deployment to about 20 schools and we will use it for individuals or organizations that want to ship material to their favorite non-profit.
With this arrangement we are able to provide a secure, easy, and cost effective way to ship donated items to Belize.
How MESA will support this service:
  1. Accept/Manage approved donations to the warehouse in Ohio (in person drop off or through shipments, e.g. from donor location, Amazon, Target, etc.).
    • Reserve the right to open and inspect all packages.
    • Any item not deemed shippable to Belize (as listed on the container donation form - see below)  will be returned to the sender at their expense, or destroyed if sender refuses return.
  2. Issue Tax receipt to the donor confirming donation was received.  However, the donor, not MESA, is responsible for the valuation of what is donated.
  3. Obtain needed tax waivers for all the content of the shipping container.
  4. Ship the container to Belize.
  5. Work with a local Rotary club to receive and secure the container before the content's distribution to the beneficiaries.
An individual or organization interested in using this service:
  1. Starts by filling out the Container Donation Form which captures the following information: Donor, Beneficiary, and Donated items.
  2. We will review the form and contact the donor to:
    • Address any issues / obtain additional information.
    • Provide an address and authorize the donation to be delivered to the warehouse in Ohio.
  • NOTE:  All donations must be received at the warehouse by July 1st, 2021.  Late donations will be returned to the sender at their expense, or used for other donation purposes at MESA's discretion if sender refuses return.