Corozal Animal Program
Founded in November 2016, the Corozal Animal Program in Belize is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help cats and dogs belonging to Belizeans through spaying/neutering, education, fostering and adoption.  CAP works within the community providing low cost sterilizations and giving educational programs to schools about basic pet care.  
Our main focus is on spaying and neutering animals to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens and we have two main ways of accomplishing this.
1) Annual Spay and Neuter Clinic
For the past three years we have hosted vets and vet techs from Foundation for Veterinary Aid, (FAVI) in Montreal to put on a spay and neuter clinic in a local village where there is no vet.  They may not be able to come in 2021 due to Covid19.
2) Subsidizing spays and neuters
Throughout the year CAP subsidizes spaying and neuter for dogs and cats belonging to Belizeans using our three local vets.  A Belizean pays USD $10 plus vaccinations and we pay the balance.
How we work
We get messages through Facebook requesting a spay or neuter
We ask the name of the person, animal and vet
We email the vet authorizing the surgery
The vet emails CAP their monthly bill
The treasurer pays the vet
We have been funding these services by holding fundraisers throughout the year, however due to Covid19, we have not had a fundraiser since March 2020.
For additional information about CAP please email or contact us through Facebook   You may also checkout CAP's website
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