$1,900 USD
$5,000 USD
COVID19 has devastated Belize’s economy and tens of thousands of jobs have been lost. The elderly, unemployed, children, and the disabled are disproportionally affected.  Belize is very dependent on tourism and the Corozal District (located in the northern part of Belize) is no exception.  The government does not have the resources to support everyone in need, and the lack of employment has become a dire situation.
As a response to the COVID19 pandemic, we launched this multi-phased project.  It will be managed and run locally by two Believe in Belize volunteers, Craig (profile), and Shelley (profile), both residents of Corozal and Eloim Ellis (an extremely helpful local volunteer).
Phase 1 (Current): 83 individuals, US $1,000
Through a generous donation of US $500 from the Rotary Club of Potomac-Bethesda and $500 from one of its members who wished to remain anonymous, we are able to provide 83 villagers with a two-week supply of food ingredients.  These supplies consisted of 5 pounds of flour and rice, 2 pounds of beans and sugar, cooking oil, baking powder, milk, and canned meat.
The recipients were COVID19 patients, disabled elderly, and single mothers with health issues in the villages of Ranchito, Progresso, Carolina, Calcutta and San Joaquin.
Phase 2 (Q1 2021): 400 individuals, US $4,000
This phase is currently in the planning stage.  Our goal is to expand to as many villages in Corozal District as possible (~25 villages).
We would like to extend a special “Thank You” to Candace Lowe of Mama Lowe's grocery store for providing us the supplies “at cost”.  She is pictured below next to Craig.
If you would like additional information, please contact Craig Courtright at operationsprogram@believeinbelize.org, Operations Program Manager for Believe in Belize.
As a US based 501c3 charitable organization, tax deductibility of donations to Believe in Belize are based on US laws.  100% of what is donated (minus 3rd party charges, e.g. credit card processing fees) goes towards this project.
Thank you in advance for your generous support and making a difference for families of Corozal.