We, Charles and Irina, are thankful for the blessings our family enjoys through God's grace.  Education has been one of those blessings, and we would like to share it with others. Effective education is a pillar for individual prosperity and growth.  Moreover, education correlates with society's progress, wellness, and safety. Our young daughters, Helena & Antonia, are an inspiration for this endowment as they grow interested in serving and sharing their blessings.  As 7th and 5th  graders, each has her unique talent, but they share their passion for helping others.
A personal note from Helena
Learning about others who suffer makes me thankful and determined to share some of my many blessings. Education and knowledge are my foundation for life choices and consequences. I believe strongly that every young student should have the right and resources to continue their education. I am excited about my involvement in participating in helping students in Belize.  I am looking forward to continuing my support.
A personal note from Antonia
I enjoy many blessings in my life, including education. I want to share my blessings by helping students in Belize. I enjoy exploring and learning; that’s why education Is important for me. It was sad to hear students in Belize did not have access to Internet during the COVID crisis. So, I wanted to help by donating and helping students continue to have access to education via internet. I also volunteer to provide tutoring over the Internet. I am very happy to learn that they received all the equipment to continue their education and make progress in learning.
If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at Board@believeinbelize.org.
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