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We have six different programs: Education, Health, Community Development, Common Resources, Partnerships and Operations.  These programs are implemented through a set of projects or services grouped by initiatives.  The projects/services are either initiated or managed by Believe in Belize or provide visibility to efforts being done by other organizations or individuals.  This serves the ultimate purpose of Believe in Belize to be a well recognized source of what is happening in Belize to help with its development.
We are contemplating the projects and services below.  If an item is not "clickable" it means we will initiate it once we have a better idea about funding and/or are able to get volunteers to manage them.  The list is by no means exhaustive.  If you have a project or service idea please contact us.  If you would like to explore our volunteer positions please click here.
To view our impact from previous projects and services please see this link https://believeinbelize.org/sitepage/our-current-programs/our-impact.
Education Program
School Computers Initiative
One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)
Student Achievements Initiative
Tablets as rewards
Education Resources Initiative
Online Tutoring Service
Adopt a school directory service
Teacher Training
Health Program
Bicycle Safety Initiative
Medical Equipment Initiative
Medical Measurements Devices
Emergency Health Initiative
Animal Welfare Initiative Corozal Animal Program
Community Development Program
Business Development Initiative
Business Mentoring Service
Help wanted Ads Service
Business Directory Service
Cultural Heritage Initiative Garifuna Language Restoration Service
Family Support Initiative
Looking for work directory service
Hunger Relief service
Infrastructure Initiative
Common Resources Program
Content Initiative
Introduction of Artificial Reefs - External Information Link
Bloggers service
Group Donations Initiative
Belize Travelers donations service
Partners Program
Rotary Clubs Partnership Initiative
Friends of Belize Initiative Non-profits in Belize directory
Operations Program
Fund Raising Initiative