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Imagine wearing the same pair of shoes you had when you were 6 years old. Chances are it would not fit very well. It would probably be extremely uncomfortable.  You would definitely opt to go barefoot instead of suffer through squeezing into the tiny shoe.

With an average household monthly income of $800 and minimum wage around $3 per hour (as of 2019), this is the unfortunate reality of some Belizean children. Because of this, they are forced to go barefoot.

Believe in Belize is working with the non-profit organization named “The Shoe That Grows”. https://theshoethatgrows.org/.  It is a 501(c)(3) organization that has developed shoes that grow 5 sizes to accommodate a growing child. With each shoe costing $20, a child will be able to live their youth, putting their best foot forward.

How the service works
1) Donate to our "shoes" fund.
2) Identify groups of children in Belize, e.g. specific school or village, needing the shoes.
3) As funds are raised we will arrange to purchase them and distribute them.
Because of IRS rules, we cannot give directly to a specific child.  If you have a particular child you would like to provide the shoes feel free to go directly to "The Shoe That Grows" website above to purchase the shoes and provide them to the child.  Keep in mind, under this scenario you are operating outside of Believe in Belize, which is OK with us since at least we are happy to spread the word.
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