Page sponsors enable us to raise funds without using 3rd party auto-generated Ads.  A sponsoring organization's/person's name or image is displayed on the top of different pages (below the banner and menus) on our website with a clickable link back to the sponsor's website homepage.  A maximum of five (5) sponsors will be allowed per page.
The annual sponsorship is US $20 - $100 depending on the page selected
  • Top 3 Action Pages (What We Do, Join Us, and Donate) - $100 / page.  The links to the top 3 action pages are located on the banner and are accessible from any page on our website.
  • A Program Page - $80, An Initiative Page - $50, A Project or Service Page - $30.  These pages are accessible from the What We Do action page and through different parts of the website as relevant.
  • A Page not mentioned above - $20
The sponsor selects the page of interest and will be notified if 1) that page has reached the sponsorship limit, and 2) if a page cannot be sponsored unless approved by the page content's owner, e.g. profile pages.
A recurring payment is setup through a Credit Card or PayPal below (and cancel anytime).  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide an email address with your payment or contact us after you submit your payment so that we follow-up and obtain your image/text and work out any issues if necessary.  If you do not know how to identify, copy and paste the URL for the page to sponsor just type your best guess of the page title or purpose in the field below and we will follow-up with you to confirm the page.
Page Sponsor Options
eMail address for follow-up:
URL for page to sponsor:
Believe in Belize reserves the right to decline any sponsorship due to lack of payment, government regulation, and inappropriate content as determined at the sole discretion of the Board of Believe in Belize.