Are you over the age of 70 and have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?  If so, you can donate from your IRA with the following benefits:
1) You are not taxed on donations from your IRA for up to $100,000 per year.
2) It helps you address the IRS mandated Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).
If you were not aware of this donation option this article can serve as an introduction
If you would like to donate from your IRA just contact your IRA custodian and they will show you how to do it.  You will need to also provide our non-profit name and EIN which are Believe in Belize and 82-3524490.  
When making the donation, if you wish, you can also specify which program, initiative, project or service you want to support (see What We Do).
For additional information please email us at
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