An All-Volunteer Non-Profit Organization providing Outreach, Rescue/Foster & Feral Cat Programs
Placencia Humane Society’s (PHS) mission is to improve and enhance the quality of life for the animals on the Placencia Peninsula and surrounding areas by promoting and demonstrating responsible pet ownership, health care and education.
  • Spaying & neutering and other veterinary services
  • Animal rescues, fosters, and adoptions
  • Feral cat program
  • Emergency Services
  • Community Outreach
  • Community Education
However, all this is only possible with the help of donors!
By setting up a US$100+ Yearly subscription you will be listed as an Annual Cause Supporter on the page of your chosen Cause.  If you do not wish to be listed, please email us at
From humble beginnings in 1999, in response to lack of a veterinarian and veterinary care on the Placencia Peninsula, the all-volunteer Placencia Humane Society (PHS) has greatly expanded their services on the Peninsula and in surrounding communities to include the Programs listed above.
Mama Dog and Pups found abandoned on roadside.
Of primary concern is promoting the health of pets and reducing the number of unwanted puppies and kittens. To that end, PHS encourages people to have their pets spayed/neutered and vaccinated. PHS, through generous donations, subsidizes or completely covers the costs for veterinary care for the many people who cannot afford to pay for the services. PHS also funds a TNR feral cat program to trap, neuter/spay, vaccinate, and release feral cats to reduce the ever-burgeoning number of ferals on the Peninsula.
2 pups rescued from a Caye
PHS operates a 2-day veterinary clinic every month, staffed by volunteers and a veterinarian team from outside the area to provide these necessary pet care services. All pets are welcome.  Volunteers provide transportation for those animals in need of service when the owner has no way to get them to the Clinic. The average out of pocket monthly cost to PHS is $2,500 USD, which treats approximately 50 animals.  Included in that number are an average of 27 spays/neuters per Clinic. In 2023 PHS saw 815 animals at the Clinic, performed 294 Neuters/Spays and gave 842 vaccinations.
In addition, PHS is involved in pet rescues when pets are abused, abandoned, or the owner cannot care for them anymore. Our volunteers provide foster care for these animals until they can be adopted.   Emergency care and transport is another big issue for the Peninsula as the closest after-hours emergency veterinarian is located in Belize City, over 100 miles away.  When an animal needs emergency care, a volunteer must either drive them (5 hours round trip) or, if possible, send them up by airplane.
All of this takes funds which are provided through fundraising activities and the generous donations of caring people!
Our hope is to continue to provide pet health services and to be able to expand to more remote areas in need.  In addition, we have several wish list items as follows.
Through the generous donations of caring people PHS has purchased land and relocated their clinic and are still in need of:
  • Stainless Steel Recovery room cages
  • Portable Ultrasound
  • Portable Xray
And our big long-term goal is to get a mobile pet clinic trailer so we will be able to provide spay/neuter and veterinary services to remote areas that do not have access to these services.
Three dogs found abandoned on Caye with no food or water.
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