Posted by Nabil Bedewi on Jan 21, 2018
This project was CANCELLED and a NEW and LARGER project was created.  For details of the new project, please click here.
This project is phase 1 where Believe in Belize will pilot the shipment of 20-25 PCs to schools in Belize while working out the end-to-end process.  The cost per PC would be US$60 ($10 PC, $20 Monitor, $25 shipping, $5 packaging).    The plan is to ship them in Mar/Apr.  If we are successful, we intend to drastically expand this project.
In the meantime, we need to raise US $1200-$1500 to cover the cost of the initial set of computers (20-25).  Please consider supporting this project by choosing one of the two options:
  1. Make a US tax deductible donation through our partner World Computer Exchange (partnership announcement) at their donation page here.  Please select "Believe in Belize" under Program Menu drop down list. 
  2. Make a US tax deductible donation through our 501c3 sponsor FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds at their donation page here.  However, you must use a US based credit card.
  3. Click the donate button below (donations are not tax deductible).  You will be taken to our PayPal page where you can either use PayPal or your credit card. 
Please note that your donation (after fees are taken out) will only go to this project. 
Thank you in advance for your support.
Suggested donation amounts (US $): $5 packaging, $10 PC, $20 Monitor, $25 shipping, $60, Other $