Student Supplies Distribution Service
In early October 2020, we received an emergency request to provide 25 students in San Roman village in Stann Creek, Belize with shoes and school supplies. While schools are closed because of COVID19, the students still need to go to school to pickup their assignments since internet access is not an option for them.  They also do not have the necessary educational material (dictionary, notebook, pencils, backpack).
The following representative pictures are what we intend to purchase at a total cost of USD $1,400 ($56/students).
25 sets of Dictionaries, Notebooks, Pencils
25 Backpacks
15 Boys Shoes
10 Girls Shoes
Update: October 16, 2020
We received a USD $1,000 donation from Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker, and we also raised USD $370 through a Facebook Campaign (, which along with US$30 in our annual fund enabled us to cover this request.
We, at Believe in Belize, and the students along with Pedro Ical who bought and distributed the supplies (pictured below) would like to thank those who donated for their generosity and quick action.
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