Too often negative news steals the spotlight from great work being performed by non-profits (inside Belize, and outside but performing work in Belize), whom we refer to as Believers in Belize.  We need sponsors for our directory recognizing their favorite nonprofit organizations.  Every Believer in Belize Sponsor (organization/person) will be recognized (name or image) by being listed in a directory of such sponsors (located here) along with their corresponding recognized non-profit.  It will be accessible from our homepage and most of our other pages with a clickable link back to the sponsor's and non-profit's website homepages.  A non-profit could be recognized by multiple sponsors.
The annual sponsorship/recognition is US $10 (per sponsor & non-profit pair) which is setup as a recurring payment through a Credit Card or PayPal below (and cancel anytime).  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide an email address with your payment or contact us after you submit your payment so that we follow-up and obtain your image/text and that of the non-profit you are recognizing and also work out any issues if necessary.
eMail address for follow-up:
Believe in Belize reserves the right to decline any sponsorship due to lack of payment, government regulation, and inappropriate content as determined at the sole discretion of the Board of Believe in Belize.