Dave Forman
Principal, Claver College Extension
Punta Gorda, Belize
Celebrating Adult Education Through Sports
at the
National Sports Tournament
Claver College Extension (CCE), Punta Gorda, Belize
March 17-18, 2023
To all good hearted and generous friends of Belize,
In Belize, it’s not always easy to go to high school.  Sometimes one’s family can’t afford it.  Sometimes problems come along and distract a student from her studies.  Sometimes a person gets married and family responsibilities take precedence.  Sometimes it becomes necessary to work to support parents.
Fortunately, here in Belize we have an Adult and Continuing Education Program (ACE) that gives people a chance to either restart their high school career or begin a 4- year night school program that grants a GED.
Currently, there are 10 ACE schools across the country, Claver College Ext. in PG, Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico in Corozal, St. Ignatius H.S. and Adult Ed. in Cayo, Gwen Lizarraga Evening Div. in Belize City, San Pedro Adult Cont. Ed. In San Pedro, Baptist School of Adult Cont. Ed. In Belmopan, Independence H.S. Cont. Ed. In Independence, Corozal Community College Cont. Ed. In Corozal, and Stann Creek Ecumenical Cont. Ed. In Stann Creek, together educating over 1,000 students a year, either in person or online.  Many of the graduates go on to university, start their own businesses, become teachers or land jobs with the government, banks or corporations.
This year, after a 2- year hiatus due to Covid, all of these ACE programs will be celebrating the dedication of their students and staff at the annual sports tournament to be hosted by Claver College Extension in Punta Gorda.
Claver staff are busy organizing a parade, a pageant, breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with exciting sporting events that include volleyball, football, basketball and the ever-present silly games like coke drinking, needle and thread, lime and spoon and egg toss. 
The much- awaited highlight, the Miss ACE pageant, tests contestants in areas such as talent, professionalism, formal wear, and rapport with audience. 
Help us make this a memorable event for all these hardworking students and teachers.  Perhaps you too had struggles and triumphs when you were young or simply want to share your good fortune with others.  Your donation will go toward covering the costs of travel for the out of district school teams and teachers, overnight stays in local hotels, meals, and all the trophies, decorations, music and prizes that will insure a remarkable experience for all.
As a US based 501c3 charitable organization, Believe in Belize collects donations to support the Adult and Continuing Education Program (tax deductible based on current US laws).  We do not charge any fees, so 100% of what is donated (minus 3rd party charges, e.g. credit card processing fees) goes towards their projects.  For additional information please contact us at