Since Nabil, one of our co-founders is a Rotarian, and Believe in Belize has made a strategic decision to partner with Rotary Clubs as much as possible, our founders launched the Rotary in Belize Endowment Fund to sustain these  partnerships.
The fund was launched in November of 2019 with an initial donation of US $1000.  Donations are invested in this mutual fund Shelton Capital Management S&P 500 Index Fund Direct Shares at our brokerage firm TD Ameritrade.  We hope Rotarians and their respective Groups (clubs, districts, etc.) and Family and Friends of Rotarians will donate to this fund (General information about Endowment Funds).
Withdrawals from this fund will be used to support projects and services provided by Rotary Clubs in Belize on a case by case basis.  Clubs outside Belize will also be considered if they partner with a club in Belize.  As the fund grows, formal selection criteria will be developed and a grants committee will be created to manage the fund and issue grants.
If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at
At the end of each calendar year, this pages will be updated to reflect the financial state of this fund.
$1,000 11/4/2019 Fund's initial investment
$1,052.69 12/31/2019 Balance at end of year