This program is completed (436 families supported). Thank you to everyone who donated and the volunteers who distributed the food.  Below are the details by phase.
$17,954.40 USD
$19,000 USD
As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rotary Club of Placencia launched the multi-phase program - COVID-19 Village Relief Program for Southern Stann Creek.  
Phase 1 – 15 Villages, 113 Families, $5,500 USD
On April 20th the Program launched Phase One of the Delivery of a free Substantial Food and Supply package to 110 Families within 15 Villages for a total of 680 individuals in the South Stann Creek District.
These packages contained items that would last a family of four up to 2 weeks.   The cost of each package is only $100 BZE ($50 USD).  The cost for Phase One was $5,500 USD and was provided by the Rotary Club of Placencia.  When purchasing the supplies, we received some discounts which enabled us to serve 113 families instead of the planned 110.
Items included in Phase One packages were 10 #s of Flour, 20 #s of Rice, 10 #s of Beans, Oats, Minsa, Salt, Powdered Milk, Raman, Flat of Eggs, Shortening, Bleach, Face Masks, Gloves and Spray Bottle.
Half of Full Pantry for all Villages What 1 Family is receiving Pallets of Rice and Floor for entire stock
Bags of Rice with the Rotary Label on them
To ensure fair distribution to families in need Rotary has paired up the Village Chair with Local Clergy to select up to 10 families in need from each area.  After collecting the Family names in Phase one this program is supporting over 600 People including 298 Adults, 319 Children and 34 Infants.   We know that there are many more families in need in our Villages of Stann Creek and are now collecting additional contributions to allow this program to provide additional support to the families in need within these Villages with expansion if possible.
Phase 2 – 19 Villages, 170 Families, $5,710.50 USD
The country has been in a State of Emergency since April 1st and continues to be in lockdown with all borders closed until the end of June (and potentially longer). 
For this phase, the Rotary Club of Placencia partnered with Believe in Belize to assist with collecting international donations at no cost to the club.
Due to the generous donations of over 56 Individuals, Rotary Clubs and Businesses we received the donations raised by Believe in Belize ($5.210.50 USD) and given locally ($500 USD).  Now we are able to start the distribution process for Phase Two and delivery by May 15th where we will be able to expand to 130 Families in 19 Villages.  
Phase Two will have similar items but with the following changes: Removed face masks and gloves since we have enough quantity, replaced bleach with hand sanitizer, increased quantity of oats.

Update 5/22: Due to product discounts and outright product donations received, we were able to support 170 families.
Phase 3 – 19 Villages, 153 families, $6,743.90 USD
We continued our partnership with Believe in Belize.  Due to our generous donors we received the donations raised by Believe in Belize ($5.596.42 USD) and given locally ($1,147.48 USD). We where able to help 153 families in July/August.
Phase Three had similar items but due to supply shortages a few items were substituted.

If you would like additional information, please contact Marsha Peterson at, Secretary of the Rotary Club of Placencia.
Thank you in advance for your generous support through these difficult times.
Villages Supported:
  • Placencia
  • Seine Bight
  • Riversdale
  • Maya Center/ Kendall
  • Santa Cruz
  • Georgetown
  • San Roman
  • Santa Rosa
  • Maya Mopan
  • Red Bank/ San Pablo
  • San Juan/ Cowpen
  • Independence/ Mango Creek
  • Monkey River (Added in Phase 2)
  • Belle Vista/San Isidro/Trio (Added in Phase 2)
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