Update: As of September 2023, twenty three (23) people received below the knee prosthetic.
The Rotary Club of Corozal met “Hope to Walk” and considered working together then several years ago. Then as we all know Covid changed many plans including our partnering together.  Then early 2022 we were contacted again by them and we decided as a club to move forward forming a Prosthetic Program not only for Corozal but for the entire Country of Belize which there is nothing available currently.
Because one member’s husband is a recent amputee, we all are very aware the need in Belize as nothing exists currently. And knowing how much a prosthetic limb costs in other countries it was painfully obvious most would never have a chance to walk again.
Now enters “Hope to Walk" with extremely low costing devices that will change the future for amputees, and the family members who are having to give constant care to them.
The legs come in kits for above knee (AK) and below knee (BK) and are extremely simple in design but very efficient.  And the cost is the amazing part…a below knee (BK) is only $250 US and an above knee (AK) is only $500 US. And because of donations there is NO COST to the patient!
Many parts to the limbs will be assembled and made onsite for the proper fit.  This will also provide jobs for locals learning to be Prosthetic technicians.
We decided to partner with Believe in Belize to assist with collecting international donations at no cost to the club.  We have partnered on other projects with them and know from experience their passion for Belize and its people.
Your donation will allow a person to stand and walk again! 
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For additional information please contact:
Dr. Mike at musclemwp@gmail.com.
As a US based 501c3 charitable organization, Believe in Belize collects donations to support the Rotary Club of Corozal (tax deductible based on current US laws).  We do not charge any fees, so 100% of what is donated (minus 3rd party charges, e.g. credit card processing fees) goes towards their projects.  For additional information please contact us at donations@believeinbelize.org.
About Hope to Walk (https://hopetowalk.org)
NOTE: If you donate directly through the Hope to Walk website, your donation will NOT be used in Belize.  To guarantee Belizeans benefit from your donation through the Rotary Club of Corozal's partnership through Hope to Walk please use the recurring or one time donation options above.
“Hope to Walk” has been existence for approximately 10 years.
MISSION: To offer prosthetic legs and hope to a world in need.
VISION: To ensure all amputees can access the ability to walk. We will design low-cost prosthetic legs and develop prosthetic training programs to train international communities to help themselves.
VALUES: We believe each person has innate value, both to mankind and our Creator. We seek to love and serve our neighbors as ourselves regardless of race, religion, sex, or other distinguishing factors.
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