Online Tutoring Service
On Sept. 24th, 2021, Believe in Belize initiated a pilot Online Tutoring Service for students in San Roman Village, Stann Creek. From Virginia, USA, Charles Gabrial, and his daughters, Helena and Antonia, introduced four students to free websites they would be able to access alone, or with some adult supervision. The websites focused on: math/science; English/reading; and technology, plus an educational games site (the list below is being provided for anyone interested in using that content). The students were shown how to access and use these sites on the computers available to them at the village under the direction of Councilman Beronico Ical. Future tutorial sessions will be planned to focus on academic areas of concern, as they come up.
The ability to provide this online tutoring was possible through the Believe in Belize Community Centers Computer Service ( which was totally funded through the Gabrial Family Fund.
To learn more about our Community Centers Computer Service please visit this link
To learn more about the Gabrial Family Fund please visit this link
We would like to grow the online tutoring service. So if you would like to become a tutor or provide computers to other villages or create your own fund (, please contact our Education Program Manager, Barbara Morrone, at to initiate a conversation about your interest.
Educational Websites
The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites (
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