Maya Center Bridge Replacement

A deep ravine with a creek in the bottom divides the small village of Maya Center. A deteriorating cable bridge is the only “safe” crossing for kids on the way to school and adults going to church or the store. The narrow 50-foot long bridge and the cable railing bounce and sway with each step. The boards are rotting and some are missing. In recent months several children and an older adult have fallen. There have been no serious injuries—yet!

A proper steel and concrete bridge is too expensive to do immediately.  The council proposes to replace the cable bridge with wooden planks supported by two heavy logs, including a safe wooden railing. This could last for five years while money is raised for a permanent structure.

The council also proposes to install some lights for nighttime safety.


Current goal is to raise BZ$6,000 immediately to buy wood, transport it to the site, and rent the necessary equipment. This would allow the construction of a stable bridge 50 feet long and 5 feet wide, providing enough room for people going in opposite directions to pass easily. Donations of cash or in kind are needed.

Organization:  Maya Center Village Council

                             Chairman:  Antonio Bolon

                             Contact:  Carolyn Walker   622-9608

Statement by Chairman Antonio Bolon:

“To all members of Maya Center Village. Please be caution on de swing bridge. It’s dangerous to cross on the bridge. Five school children and one elder person have fallen from that bridge, only God protect them. They never get serious injuries and the creek its not flooded. Life could have been lost; then we could only be sorry.

Every day school kids and community residents use access of de bridge.  Today the council is asking the public and government to assist us to build a new board bridge. The bridge is 50 feet long, 5 feet wide. The council will highly appreciate any donation you can give. Any kind of help by financial or labour or materials. Thanks. May God bless you all.”

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