Specific volunteer positions for this project:
Project Managers:  Ideally, we would like to have two project managers for this project, one in Belize and one outside Belize.  They will be responsible for all aspects of the project.  They need to 1) be able to define tasks and manage volunteers working on them.  2) Manage to their project’s budget. 3) Communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
Marketing / Digital Media Specialists:  We need to constantly communicate about this project through different media (websites, social media – Facebook, Twitter, and others, in person interactions, etc.).  We are looking for individuals willing to apply their specific skills in this area and supporting the project manager.
Fundraising Specialists:  This project is totally funded by donors.  We therefore need many people with expertise in “power of persuasion”.  Specifically, grant writing and utilizing social media funding platforms.  These individuals will work closely with the marketing / digital media specialists and project manager.
If you would like to volunteer or would like additional information please contact us at Board@believeinbelize.org.