As most of you know, the US Government passed a $2T+ stimulus package (CARES Act - full text link) to alleviate the financial effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Included in that bill is a one-time tax modification to deductibility of charitable donations.  Basically, if you are not planning to itemize (i.e. use Schedule A) when filing your 2020 tax return (during the Spring of 2021) you can take up to $300 tax deduction for charitable donations plus your standard deduction.  This is a link to an article describing it in more detail
As you decide how you want to use this modification for your local community needs, please consider supporting the efforts in Belize.  One options is donating to our General Fund, which supports the greatest need (  100% of the donations received from April - August 2020 will be used to support Belizeans dealing with the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic.
On a side note, please be careful not to get scammed by fictitious charitable organizations.  One way to confirm an organization is legit is to check its status with the IRS at this link  To find us, search by Employer Identification Number (EIN) = 82-3524490 or search by Organization Name =  Believe in Belize.
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