Elias & Georgette Bedewi Memorial Fund
Believe in Belize created this endowment fund to honor the extraordinary lives of Elias and Georgette Bedewi, the parents of our co-founder, Nabil. As a couple they were strong, loyal, and supportive. As parents they were caring, nurturing, and dedicated. As individuals they were altruistic and warm.

Dr. and Mrs. Bedewi were born in the early 1930s in Egypt and were married for 60 years. They lived in Kuwait for over 40 years and then retired as US citizens. In their lifetime, they experienced World War II, 4 Arab-Israeli Wars and 2 Gulf Wars. To say they were resilient would be an understatement.

Throughout their life they held a strong belief in the value of education. All three of their children went on to receive a doctorate degree, carrying on this familial value of knowledge being power. Outside of their family, they helped their community, often helping those around them create better lives for themselves. 
In 2016, Elias Bedewi died of pulmonary fibrosis with Georgette Bedewi dying of the same disease in 2019.
Together we remember their lives and all that they gave during their time on Earth. With three children, five grandchildren and one great granddaughter, the love that surrounded them was boundless. 
By donating, it will allow their kind spirits to be eternal and continue to touch the lives of many more.
If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at Board@believeinbelize.org.
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