Alert - September 9th, 2019
Our Rotary 6600/MESA/RCI partner from our completed computer project will be heading down to Belize in October for a new computer mission.  Believe in Belize is not part of that mission, however, Rotarian Mel, the project manager for that mission graciously agreed to ship for free the items below we wish to collect donations for and ship to Belize.  This is a very time sensitive opportunity since Mel has to receive ALL donations by September 30th so that they can be inventoried and shipped by October 15th.
Donors have two options (all currency is US $)
Donate cash
Click the Donate button below to use PayPal or your credit/debit card (donations are tax deductible based on applicable US tax laws). These donations need to be made by Friday September 13th so that we have time to place the order with Amazon and have the items reach Mel by the 30th.
Purchase and Ship from Amazon
The table below lists the products we would like donated.  Donors can choose what they would like to purchase and ship directly from Amazon to Believe in Belize, 3650 Fairwood Dr., Sylvania OH 43560.
If you email your confirmations or receipts (showing products and prices) to you can receive a taxable deduction based on applicable US tax laws.
Bicycle Reflector Tape
1 Roll is 150 ft and is $28.99
We need at least 10
Needed for our expanding bicycle safety initiative.
Kindle Fire 7
1 Kindle ranges in price from $49.99 to $84.99 depending on memory size and with/without special offers (i.e. advertising)
We need at least 10 of various configurations
Needed for our reading pilot project.
Soccer balls (pump included)
Each ball is $12.99, but the 6 pack is $39.99 (~$6.7/ball)
We need at least one of each size (3,4,5)
These soccer balls will be donated to the San Roman Village.
All images are from Amazon's website.
Donations received after the deadlines will be used for their same intended purpose but will go to Belize at a later date.