Love the work we’re doing here at Believe in Belize?
Consider becoming an Annual Donor to keep making larger, sustained, high impact. 
We have 3 levels - Starter, Platinum and Corporate.
Each level brings a variety of benefits, ranging from:
- Recognition on our Social Media Platforms
- Recognition on our Website
- Fun, exclusive gifts
Investment: US $100 per year 
Your donation will allow us to give: 
- A computer that provides 5-20 students access to online educational material
- Basic school supplies to10 students
- A scholarship that helps a child cover school expenses
- A First Aid Kit and 2 day CPR/AED/First Aid training to a rural village where they are very needed to save lives
- 10 shipped boxes of educational and medical supplies to benefit the community 
Investment: US $1,000 per year 
Your donation will allow us to give: 
- An entire classroom supplies for all its students
- Teacher training, allowing even more students to strive for higher education
- Small business training for 1 adult and a start-up grant
- Annual Internet access to a village community center
- Up to 4 Belizeans the ability to walk again
Investment: US $2,500 per year 
Your donation will allow us to: 
- Provide a Computer Lab for a whole school
- Provide basic School Supplies for a whole school
- Provide small business training to a small group of individuals, meaning they can start not only a business that propels their career forward, but also the economic capabilities of the entire community 
- Work on infrastructure projects, such as basketball courts, soccer fields, and classrooms
Please click one of the levels above to setup the recurring donation using PayPal or your debit/credit card.  For other donation options (checks, stocks, real estate, trusts, wills, etc.) you have in mind please email us to discuss the details. 
Since we are a 501c3 organization, all donations are tax deductible based on applicable US tax laws. 
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