Our organization is an all volunteer non-profit (501c3).  What we do is implement projects and provide services in Education, Health, and Community Development in the country of Belize.  We hope you will join us and/or support us through one of our donation options.
What's Happening
We launched the Rotary in Belize Endowment Fund - Learn More / Donate
Active Projects & Services
Maya Center Bridge Replacement
A deteriorating cable bridge is the only “safe” crossing for kids on the way to school and adults going to church or the store.
Fire Truck to Placencia
This project will provide a Fire Truck to serve the Placencia peninsula community of 3,500-5,000 people
Bicycle Reflectors
18% of vehicle accidents in Belize involve cyclists
This service will provide bicycle reflectors for distribution and installation throughout Belize
Sports Support
Too many people do not fully participate in sports because of inadequate resources.  This service will provide sports support in the form of clothing, equipment, etc.
3 simple ways to support us
Major Donors
(US $1,000+)
Koo and Patricia Yuen
Completed Projects
Computers to Belize Schools
This project will benefit about 6000 students the first year and another 6000 over the 5 year estimated life of the computers
Microlending Pilot
This service will provide small loans to non-profits