From education to health to community to the environment
Believe in Belize is an all-volunteer organization that’s committed to creating a Belize that lets each individual and every community thrive.
We do this through a set of low cost, high impact Causes within our 4 Pillars:
Education - Empowering students to grow, learn, and innovate.
Health - Giving individuals what they need to live well.
Community - Elevating communities with resources that promote development and togetherness.
Environment - Protecting and preserving the natural beauty in Belize.
However, this is only possible with the help of donors!
By setting up a US $1,000+ Yearly subscription you become an Annual Pillar Supporter (Learn More).
Three example causes in action
Small actions.  Big impact.
5,000+ students have access to a computer
500+ bicycles were equipped with reflective tape
25+ amputees have a prosthetic limb
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