If you have a passion helping people, then you've come to the right page.  If you are part of a business, we'd love to chat about partnering too.
Below you will find a list of volunteer positions followed by a list of our volunteers.
Please note that we do check to make sure that our partners and volunteers are not on the OFAC Sanctions List https://sanctionssearch.ofac.treas.gov/
Each volunteer needs to make sure they satisfy the work permit requirements in their local jurisdiction (as applicable).
As an all-volunteer corporation we rely on people's generosity with their time, whether in Belize or worldwide.  Our positions fall into two broad categories: Causes & Corporate.
Do you have a position in mind not listed here? Drop us a note to start a conversation.
Causes Positions
Depending on your time and passion, you could volunteer to be part of as many causes as you wish.  Actual tasks depend on each cause.
We also need Cause Leaders for each cause.  This role entails being the primary contact within Believe in Belize for the selected cause along with the following overall responsibilities: Managing the volunteers & partners, tracking the achievements (beneficiaries & impact), requests and tracking budgets, providing updates for our website and social media posts.
Corporate Positions
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Development (Donor Management & Fundraising)
  • Financial (Accounting, Investments, Taxes)
  • Information Technology (Website, Apps)
  • Legal (US & Belize)
  • Public Relations (Social Media, Newsletters & Blogs, Traditional Media)
Meet our Volunteers
Nabil Bedewi, D.Sc.
Founder and Managing Director
January 2018
William (Bill) Hunter
Board Member and Operations Chair
July 2019
Shelley Falk
Board Member and Public Relations Chair
July 2022
Alice Gordon
Board Member and Development Chair
June 2023
Lynn Upham
Board Member and Causes Chair
March 2023
Yolan Wolf
Board Member and Generalist
September 2022
David Kafka
Cause Leader and Corporate Support
December 2020
Dr. Gwen Nunez Gonzalez
Cause Leader
September 2019
Tiphany Camiel Gongora Valencia
Corporate - Legal
April 2023
Antonio Novelo (Dudu)
Causes Support
February 2023
Henni Eklund
Corporate - Facebook
February 2023
Joshua (Josh) Phipps
Cause Leader
February 2024
Manuela Rijkse
Corporate - Fundraising and Causes Support
May 2023
Sue Paoletti
Corporate – Partners
April 2024