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One way to help pay for the information technology (I.T.) expenses of Believe in Belize is to rely on Sponsors.  These are our current expenses (US $):
$25 per email address per year (e.g.
$20 per user account per year (Website accounts).
Every I.T. Sponsor will be recognized by being listed on the "email address" or "user account" I.T. Sponsors page (as applicable) along with a link to the sponsors' preferred website (e.g. company, favorite charity).  The list will be accessible by visitors throughout our website.
You can setup your sponsorship as a recurring payment through a Credit Card or PayPal below (and cancel anytime).  It is very important that you provide an email address with your payment or contact us after you submit your payment so that we follow-up if we encounter any issues based on the selected subscription.
Sponsor Options
Sponsor: Name & Website
NOTE: Believe in Belize reserves the right to decline a sponsorship due to lack of payment, government regulation, and/or inappropriate content as determined at the sole discretion of the Board of Believe in Belize.