This page was "retired" on 4/14/19 and is kept for archival purposes.  The FJC account was closed and funds transferred to the TD Ameritrade account after we received our 501c3 IRS designation.
To start operations, the founders donated $1600 to the operating fund located at TD Ameritrade and $5000 to the US tax deductible Collective Giving Fund located at FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds.  If someone wants to verify our accounts with either institution, please contact us and we will authorize the relevant institution to discuss our account.
To assist us with our fundraising, please visit this page
The information below is kept for historical purposes only
To purchase Amazon Gift Cards click image above.  To start shopping in general click here.
To purchase from Amazon in support of our Bicycle Reflectors Service, click here.
Additional Information
When you start shopping at Amazon from links throughout our website, you will be taken to Amazon's website, however, Believe in Belize will get a "%" or fixed amount of your purchase. 100% of what we receive from Amazon will go towards our different charitable projects and services. If you would like to see what we would potentially receive by category please see this Amazon link. Amazon does provide us reports of what was purchased, However, we do not receive any information about the buyer
You can also bookmark any Amazon page you land on after you click on it from our website so that you can re-use it in the future and we continue to benefit.  You can also add the URL of the resulting page as an icon on the home screen of your mobile device.  Click here to learn how.
This page is "retired" and is kept for historical purposes only.  The new page is located here
You can help Believe in Belize by donating to the different things we do below using PayPal or your credit card.  For other donation options (stocks, real estate, etc.) you have in mind please email us to discuss the details.  Since we are a 501c3 organization, all donations are tax deductible based on applicable US tax laws.
The content of this page is out of date.  Since Believe in Belize is now a 501c3 organization we do not need a 3rd party to collect donations on our behalf.  This page is retained for historical purposes only.
US tax deductible donations by credit card, check, wire transfer and appreciated securities are made to our Collective Giving Fund (what is this?) managed by FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds ( 
Project: 2 Ambulances to Placencia (Details / Donate)
Project: 205 Computers for Schools in Belize (Details, Donate)
Other donations consist of two steps:
1) Donate at Regardless of what you donate, you must always provide "Believe in Belize" as the FJC Account.  Please note that because of US regulations donations to this account cannot be refunded.
2) If you would like to allocate your donation among different programs, and time frames please email us.  Otherwise, we will allocate your donation as needed.
If anyone is contemplating making an end of year donation (cash, appreciated assets, etc.) for US based tax planning purposes please consider Believe in Belize as one of your beneficiary options.  Please contact us at for additional information.  Thank you.