If anyone is contemplating making an end of year donation (cash, appreciated assets, etc.) for US based tax planning purposes please consider Believe in Belize as one of your beneficiary options.  Please contact us at Board@Believeinbelize.org for additional information.  Thank you.
This is a pilot project for installing ~20 bicycle reflectors on bicycles in Placencia, Belize during the second half of October, 2018.  It is part of the Believe in Belize Health Program / Bicycle Safety Initiative.  The purpose is to get a better handle on the issues involved.  Afterwards, we will decide how to best proceed with this project.  You can participate in shaping the future of this project by joining our Bicycle Safety Initiative Facebook page here.
Welcome to our inaugural newsletter!  We are delighted you decided to read it and welcome your feedback on how we can improve it.
Believe in Belize was founded by Nabil, Kareen, and Lucy Bedewi (husband, wife, and daughter).  It is an all volunteer, non-profit organization launched in January 2018, with the sole purpose of helping with the development of Belize.  In particular, our goal is to:
  1. Become a premier internet destination for anyone seeking information about Belize.
  2. Implement projects and services to help people in Belize.
The logo on the left is what I came up with when the non-profit was launched.  The light brown, blue and green were to represent the natural beauty of Belize: Beaches, Water, and Greenery along with the non-profit name / website.  My daughter, the marketing major, thinks she learned enough to tell me this logo does not do much from a branding perspective smiley.  So I am starting a competition to come up with a new logo.
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