Posted by Nabil Bedewi on Jul 27, 2018
As part of our project to donate computers to schools in Belize (details) we partnered with a Rotary organization, Resource Centers International (details) to manage the deployment.  If you live in Belize and would like to volunteer as an IT specialist or Educator, RCI would love to hear from you.
Below are the details of the volunteer positions as provided by RCI.  If interested or would like additional information, please contact Mel Honig, the Project Manager at RCI.  For his contact information click here.
It is a 24/7 job, 1 to 2 week commitment.  We work together, eat together... but sleep in our own beds... usually in a hotel but sometimes there are other arrangements.  There are individual jobs and joint jobs.
Individually the IT pro is responsible for setting up the computers and making sure they are operable... and then giving tutorials to the person designated by the principal in how to use the programs and basic maintenance.  The Educator helps set up the library, gives instructions on how to use the books/tapes we give and also on any problems they may have in integrating what we give into their school program.
The joint jobs are helping organize and distribute all the product to schools, attending all meetings with teachers, principals, the Ministry of Education, Managing Authorities and local Rotary Clubs.  They also help in the planning of each day and division of labor.  Then of course there is a lot of PR going on.  Almost invariably a film crew from the national TV company shows up and we give interviews.  In fact when we are not doing something it feels like we are not doing something we should be doing as we are active all day and also many nights.
It is all very challenging and a lot of fun.