Posted by Vikas Arya on Oct 06, 2018
This is a pilot project for installing ~20 bicycle reflectors on bicycles in Placencia, Belize during the second half of October, 2018.  It is part of the Believe in Belize Health Program / Bicycle Safety Initiative.  The purpose is to get a better handle on the issues involved.  Afterwards, we will decide how to best proceed with this project.  You can participate in shaping the future of this project by joining our Bicycle Safety Initiative Facebook page here.
We are thankful to Jeff Stefanis and Amber Wason, the  co-founders of Riide for donating the reflectors.
Mechanic Ron Gatling showcasing some of the Riide bikes.
On a personal note, our co-founder Nabil is proud of the accomplishment of Jeff, one of his former students from Georgetown University smiley