Posted by Nabil Bedewi on May 01, 2018
Welcome to our inaugural newsletter!  We are delighted you decided to read it and welcome your feedback on how we can improve it.
Believe in Belize was founded by Nabil, Kareen, and Lucy Bedewi (husband, wife, and daughter).  It is an all volunteer, non-profit organization launched in January 2018, with the sole purpose of helping with the development of Belize.  In particular, our goal is to:
  1. Become a premier internet destination for anyone seeking information about Belize.
  2. Implement projects and services to help people in Belize.
    Our initial focus will be in three program areas: Education, Health, and Business Development. 
    1. We have already launched two projects under the education program to ship computers and supplies to schools. 
    2. Under the health program, we are pleased that Mr. Vikas Arya has joined us as a program manager and is already exploring a project dealing with bicycle reflectors to reduce collisions with cars.  Soon he will begin assembling a team to pursue this and other projects.
    3. As to the Business Development program, nothing has been initiated yet, but we envision microlending to be the first area we will explore.
    As an all volunteer organization, our approach will be to recruit similar minded individuals worldwide and partner with other organizations, e.g. MESA and WCE.  In particular, since Nabil is a Rotarian, we intend to partner with Rotary clubs in Belize and any clubs worldwide that are engaged in activities in Belize.
    Our fundamental governance approach is that of transparency.  Our website lists our financial information and additional information will be provided upon request.
    How can YOU help?
    1. To grow we need visibility.  We need the following:
      1. Sign up for this newsletter if you have not already done so, and share it with people you know and encourage them to do the same.
      2. Visit our Facebook page and choose to “Follow Us”.
      3. Visit our homepage and communicate with us through different means that we provide on different pages.
    1. To fund projects and services, we need financial donations through different means:
      1. By reading about our specific projects and services and their specific ways to donate.
      2. We have a general donation page that allows for US tax deductible and non-deductible donations.
      3. We need businesses to advertise on our website to help cover our operating expenses.
      4. If you are an Amazon shopper there is an easy way for you to shop there and help us at the same time.
    1. To implement our projects and services we need many volunteers, worldwide.  Experience is not the most critical factor since we will train you as applicable.  Your willingness to help is the most essential qualification we are looking for.  Please join us!
    Every newsletter will spotlight a person who demonstrates considerable dedication to help with the development of Belize.
    As part of phase one of our Project: 205 Computers for Schools in Belize, Nabil and Kareen met Mel Honig, the Rotarian from Ohio and a MESA project manager.  He came down to Maryland from Ohio to load  over 130 computers plus a bunch of keyboards and mice (10 moving boxes) on his truck and trailer.  He left on a 10 hour (540 miles) trek back home. He is truly an impressive man.  We learned he was 75 years old and has opened just over 100 resource centers in community centers, libraries and schools for 10 years.  He lives the Rotary motto "Service Above Self".